Today was the first day of the 21 Day Fix…and honestly, it was so much better than I was hoping for.

I definitely still have a lot to learn or maybe just adjust to (I got hungry in the middle of the afternoon because I ate lunch too early) and my first DVD was broken so BB is sending me a new one. It’s stressing me out a little bit not being “on the plan” exactly, but I think maybe it’s good for me. :)

I ended up doing the regular Cardio Fix tonight and while I don’t know if I’ll be sore tomorrow, it wa DEFINITELY a workout and it felt so good to just sweat it out. (That’s not a feeling I usually get with swimming.) I’m nervous for what the other workouts look like, especially because I don’t have any equipment so I’ll have to modify as possible. But I kept thinking of the reasons why I’m doing this and it’s totally worth it.

Like Autumn kept saying tonight, “you can do anything for sixty seconds” and I can do this for twenty one days. I can’t wait to see where I end up.