It didn’t feel quite right to make this a declaration, because honestly…I don’t feel like I’ve finished the program at all! And I mean this in the very best way possible. :)


So Sunday was my last “official” day of this round of the Fix (starting a new one on Monday because I can’t stay away!!) and I was excited when I sat down to meal plan. I was thinking “oh, I can have anything I want now! No limitations! All the carbs!” but I just didn’t want them anymore. (It was such a freakin’ letdown, honestly. I WAS SO EXCITED. I’d made it 21 days to not want all the cookies?!)


(That’s not to say that I haven’t eaten them.)

Everything that the Fix advertises is 100% true. It is habit now for me to think “how much protein am I having today?” or “do I want carbs? Nah, veggies”. I feel so balanced and in control of what I’m eating now in a way that’s never happened before.


I got this message from Anna when we were talking about me ordering the 21DF and I just…couldn’t imagine it. At all. I was heading down a dangerous spiral of restriction again and needed to break out of it. I needed to readjust my perspective on what food meant, on what healthy eating was.

Y’all. This did it.

I think I’ve probably said that before, because I’ve been saying it constantly but I literally can’t get over it.

Gah. I’m so excited to start the next round. If you have any questions about the program, just let me know and I’ll be happy to answer. :)