Why Beachbody? Why now?


I hadn’t really heard of Beachbody before Anna began posting about it regularly, but I was so intrigued. When the 21DF first came out, I thought it sounded absolutely perfect, but I couldn’t justify the cost at the time.

That was last April.

I debated, deliberated, tried to imitate the program using “hacks” I found on Pinterest, did a clean eating challenge Anna offered on FB and fell even more in love with the idea, gave up and pushed it to the back of my mind…for seven months. Anna messaged me in early January asking what I was thinking about trying the 21DF and I just…knew I needed to it.


When I’d posted this picture on Instagram a few days before she messaged me, it was because I needed to remind myself that I needed to fight. When we’d first gotten to the ice skating rink, I was cold (one of my least favorite feelings ever), I’d left my jacket in the car, and I was horrible at skating. I’d been restricting pretty heavily again and was feeling so trapped in this negative, awful, miserable cycle that my disordered behaviors flourish in.

But I was struggling. So hard. 

I was literally skating around the rink chanting to myself all the things I wouldn’t be able to do if I continued to restrict. My hair would fall out, I would be cold all the time, I would be tired all the time…I can’t even remember all of them now. But I knew I needed to break out of these thoughts. And so I decided I would try the 21DF—at the very least, I’d get to meet some amazing people and get closer with Anna.

I got so much more.

This weekend (not even a month later!) I wore this for our Galentine’s day: 


Yes, the physical results have been great, but the mental results have been incomparable. I am getting so much stronger and breaking out of these cycles and trusting myself and believing in myself and gaining so much confidence. …how can I not shout it from the rooftops?

I want everyone to have that. I want you to have that.

And I’m always here to talk.

(One day, these posts won’t be so deep. Someday.)