Investing In Me

So I meant to write this yesterday. I forgot/there was snow/I binge-watched 5 episodes of The West Wing instead.

Honestly, I’m glad I waited.

Yesterday was rough. Today was rougher. I caved to most (if not all) of my cravings when it was just…totally unnecessary, really.

Now I am not in the habit of denying myself things I want at all. Let’s get that straight. But I’ve come to learn that my body is a temple. It carries me and supports me and does damn near everything I ask. And I want to honor that. I want to respect that. I want to give myself the best possible life and part of that means eating things that are good for me and balancing that out with things that make me happy. I’m lucky that oftentimes, those two things coincide. But sometimes my mind tells me that what will make me happen often just leads to upset stomachs and icky lethargy later. That, my friends, feels a little bit like mud in the temple. And I’m not a fan.

So I ate clean treats yesterday. And I ate crappy treats today. Tonight, I feel like crap. I feel heavy and greasy and…it’s not pleasant. There are muddy shoeprints all over this temple and I am not about that. But I want to get back on track.  I love the way I feel when I put myself first, when I prioritize health.

I smile when I do my daily checkins for my challenge group. I feel strong and empowered. I know that I’m making the right choices for my body and it feels amazing.

I just tend to forget that in the moment. Damn cookies and gravy biscuits.

So I’m letting myself relax. I refuse to beat myself up about this. I refuse to criticize myself for doing what I feel like I need in the moment, even if I regret it later. (As a sidebar—I don’t believe in regrets.) Instead, I’m learning.

I took the plunge and ordered the 21DF Extreme tonight. OH MY GOSH Y’ALL I AM SO PUMPED. And it’s not just because it’s on sale right now (BUT IT IS). 

I’ve been considered trying Insanity Max 30 but 1) I wouldn’t have enough time to complete it before I leave the country and 2) I’m scared. It sounds intense and I’m not quite sure if I’m ready to push myself that hard just yet. The temple still needs a bit of foundation work. But the 21DFX is meeting me right where I’m at and making me level up. 

That said, I definitely couldn’t be doing this alone. I am so thankful for Anna and the accountability we’ll be bringing each other and the support of the rest of our challenge group. I’ll be starting it on March 16 and anyone on any program is welcome to join us! 

It’s going to be tough but I know it will be so worth it because I will feel so good. My body is worth all that I can invest in it. Let’s go.