Wrapping Up NEDA Week 2015

This year’s NEDAW did not let me down, friends. The weather did, a little bit. We got snowed out of all of our events since our university has basically been shut down since Wednesday. Considering that this was taken during NEDAW last year, it was a bit of a surprise:

But the Internet certainly did not let me down! There were so many amazing blog posts that I have seven links for you today. Enjoy!

"Embody Carolina educates students on eating disorders"

“(It) was really just an eye-opening experience for me just to take something that was such a negative in my life and make it into something positive in the sense of helping other people.”

Calories Are Not a Bank Account

"Calories are not meant to be saved so we can splurge and indulge ourselves. Our bodies are designed to be burn energy."

Marketers: Do Better

"Marketers helped get us into this mess, but fortunately, they have the power to help get us out. Dove, Always, and Aerie have demonstrated leadership in promoting positive body image in their marketing campaigns and have reaped substantial returns from their efforts."

12 Things People Don’t Understand About Eating Disorders

A+ job, Buzzfeed.

Choose Happiness.

"I love my body because it is the vessel for my soul, it is the mechanism by which I explore and interact with the world.  I love my body because it is the product of a life driven by passion, self-love, dreams, and the pursuit of happiness."

It’s Time to Change the Way We Talk About Eating Disorders

'Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels' is B.S.

"Skinny feels like always wanting to be skinnier…Skinny feels like still being insecure because weight was never the real problem in the first place, was it? Skinny feels never as good as we think it will."

*TW for numbers*

Until next year, NEDAW. <3