New and Improved!

I'm officially a big girl blog now! Tumblr was amazing (and still is!) but here, I can add all sort of nifty features. For example:

  • you can leave comments! Tell me everything you're thinking. :)
  • you can get email updates. There's a nifty little sign up over there. -->
  • when I bold or italicize something, it'll show up. I'm pretty jazzed.
  • there are loads and loads of widgets that I haven't even started to explore yet. Can I pause life now or...?

So, pardon the dust, but stay tuned.

(And for those of you that are wondering--I still have my Tumblr account. I'll link these posts there and keep reblogging awesome posts from amazing people. It'll just be an archive of sorts.)

Just fyi. :)