Weekend Wrap-Up: March 29

WWA3-29 This week was a good week, y'all. I had so many articles to share that I actually decided to save some of them for next week. :) Stay tuned! Here are my favorite, most thought-provoking reads from the past seven days...

Are Habits the Secret to Happiness? I think it is hilarious that I'm linking you to an article on how easy habits are to form...right after my 21DF post talking about how the program is focusing on creating habits. But I love getting this added insight on how habits are formed and how they work (more or less). The other day, I found myself doing something totally normal and thought "okay, what was the trigger/basis for this?". This article definitely stuck with me.

What Bravery Looks Like (So Far) I love Maxie. She is the very definition of a #girlboss and has the wisest wisdom and most inspiring posts. I get her blog sent to my email and her posts are such a joy to read first thing in the morning. Couldn't resist sharing this one!

What Happens When Your Body Image Nightmare Comes True "But being sick didn’t erase my complicated relationship with beauty — it just made it more fraught. Wanting to look pretty isn’t a privilege reserved for the healthy; the standard just feels even more out of my reach now...After all, our cultural definition of health is beauty, and we’re told all the time that both are possible if we just apply enough discipline, diet, and exercise. We make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight “for our health,” but we’re really thinking of our skinny jeans or how we looked on our wedding day. When people do lose weight, they celebrate their new dress size, not their reduced blood glucose level. In my case, weight didn’t cause and couldn’t fix my health problems — it was just the most obvious symptom." I could quote dozens of lines from this article. But you should probably just go read it instead.

15 Unhealthy Habits You Can Start Changing Right Now I love all of these. I also realize that it is so much easier said than done but becoming aware is the first step to taking action!

*Bonus: Maddy Moon I'm just reccing this entire website. I've lost hours to her posts. Maddy is an ex-bikini competitor (so TW for pictures) and has worked to find balance in her life and in herself between food and exercise. I haven't tried her podcasts yet, but I'm sure they're going to go in my rotation (with Nick Grimshaw's highlight reel (bless.) and the Beachbody Coach call; it's my favorite way to spend the walks to class!).

Have a wonderful Sunday!