Weekend Wrap-Up: April 05

Happy spring, everyone! 

I adore spring and flowers and new beginnings. This might be my favorite time of the year. Have some lovely blog posts to celebrate. (Also, my next challenge group kicks off tomorrow and I'm always super stoked to get to spend three weeks with amazing women who are taking control of themselves and pushing themselves forward to a better, happier life.) :)


And I'm Feeling Good: Shifting a Bad Body Image Day Without Kidding Yourself: I have a feeling that this is just one of many posts I'll be recommending from WANT (Women Against Negative Talk--I'm obsessed already.).

The Psychology of Hating Food (and How We Learn to Love It): I am so incredibly grateful to be at a place where I can appreciate the psychology behind our relationship with food--to be where I am distanced enough to gain understanding and appreciation and to find this sort of thing really interesting. And I'm also thankful for my mom's rule of "try a bite and then you can say you don't like it" because it's definitely made me a more adventurous eater. (Anyone have any recipe suggestions?!)

6 Scary Things that Happen When You Skip Meals: this is so very, very important--as are the resources at the end.

The Truth Behind "Fat Free" Foods: Kayla's a rockstar. Learn what's really in your food!

The Scale: Robyn is amazing. So is this post. I'm still working on moving away from the scale and numbers in general, so it's always nice to have that reminder.

It's a super crazy busy week for me this week, so I'm not sure how frequently I'll be able to post, but shoot me a link if you read a cool article or a message if you have a question or just want to say hi!