Weekend Wrap-Up: April 19

I'm not sure if this is four days late or two days early...but here's the "weekend" wrap up! Special Delivery

Eat When You're Hungry, Not When It's Time This is a lesson I am absolutely still learning, but this is a good reminder!

When Is Our Body Finally Good Enough? This is a great reflection. I agree with every single word.

Vanessa Papstavros I'm in love with these designs and comics--and the snarky humor is great.

Being ON a Diet vs. HAVING a Diet Chalene is the best (and her podcast is the bomb). And this is another post that's gotten stuck in my head and made me keep thinking for days after I read it. The word "diet" has become so loaded with negative connotations that we often forget "diet" simply refers to what we eat. I love the three steps she lays out--mostly because I've seen them put into action. Step 1 for me was taking on the 21 Day Fix and steps 2 and 3 came with working for Beachbody. One of our "roles" as coaches to always keep working on our personal development (it's literally in the coaches handout) and I've already learned so much about myself--and it's only been two months.

...anyway, this article is great and you should probably read it. :)

'Mom, When Do Grown-Ups Stop Eating Breakfast?' *trigger warning for numbers, descriptions of a severe eating disorder, and disordered thoughts* I hate to end this post on such a sad note...but this article is truly so important. I've had enough conversations with others to know that it's so hard to communicate what eating disorders feel like on the inside. This comes closer than anything else I've ever read. (So please take that TW seriously.)

  • "My body is no longer anorexic, but sometimes my brain hangs on to that bewildering behavior when I’m out of touch with myself" -- this line perfectly sums up everything I wish I could say over and over again.

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