July Little Things

It feels weird to not be blogging anymore and I'm not organized enough to have a different post ready, so I'm here just for a quick check-in. Today kicked off with a bang. Our neighborhood had a gas leak, so we were evacuated at 7:30am--I didn't even have my contacts in (and my glasses are in Austria or Germany somewhere...)! There's not a lot to do in Newton that early (surprise), so we went for a walk in the park and then out to breakfast. So thankful for these guys--and that we can all stand to be around each other so much.

Being back to real life has been a bit of a strange adjustment. I hadn't realized how much of a pattern we'd fallen into while traveling until it felt weird to sleep in and weird not to be eating out. Whoa. I've been organizing my Europe pictures and have had to pinch myself because now it feels like it was a dream.

My best friend Amanda and I were f i n a l l y reunited after almost 200 days apart. She flew back from her semester in Italy the day I left for Europe and between both of our internships, it took almost a week for us to reconnect. Tooooo long. (Also now she's in Costa Rica without me. I hate her.)

I've finished my second week (of three) at my new internship--mentioned in my last post--and I love it so much. It's in an admissions office at a local university. The office is great and the people have been so welcoming. I'm learning so much. Hardest part? Finding enough clothes to dress in office attire every day. Aka, I'm not ready for adulthood.

I've also been doing Coach Prep School training through my Beachbody upline. I absolutely adore Chelsea and Robb (the creators) and the training is helping me deal with all of my little blocks when it comes to sharing my story, running my business, and helping me really figure out what kind of coach I want to be. Everyone--even if we didn't attend--is still riding the Summit high and the momentum is real. Here's to dreaming, setting goals, and making them happen!


A few of my Team Inspire Joy coaches and I are doing a 7-day Self Love group, starting next week. We're all really passionate about this and are spending the week talking about self care, loving yourself, and how health and fitness fits into that. I am already so excited. (It's free and open to ANYONE, if you're interested!)

Before the school year starts, I'm also digging in to my personal development reading list--thanks to some amazing suggestions from my Inspire Joy and Shred Nation families. It's a little bit overwhelming but there is so. much. good. stuff. Thanks for letting me raid your bookshelf, Mom!


This weekend, Rebecca and I are headed up to Biltmore House to celebrate her 21st. HBD to the only girl I could keep up a 20-day Snapchat streak with. #champions

What does your weekend have in store?