Weekend Wrap Up: July 26

“Close your eyes and imagine the best version of you possible. That’s what you really are; let go of any part of you that doesn’t believe it.”- C Assad

{Video, 3 min.} Why You Should Be Drinking Shakeology Every Day: I just watched this the other day. It's so good. This is the Beachbody CEO/co-founder of Shakeology talking about how it works and interacts with your body and also (my favorite) why it's not like the other "protein shakes" on the market.

ED Recovery and Veganism: This post puts into words thoughts that I've been having for a while. I think some people want to be able to define a concrete "healthy diet", when in my opinion, all we can have is an individual healthy relationship with food. Everyone's bodies are different and we all have different needs (with most of the same basics).

I think the biggest difference I’ve noticed between eating vegan and restricting, for me, is that restricting was rigid. When restricting I didn’t care if it hurt me; these rules were more important than my wellbeing. When eating vegan, my wellbeing came first, and eating vegan was a part of my wellbeing rather than an opponent of it.

Yes, This Plus-Sized Model Looks Like a Runner. And I Do Too.This cover makes me so happy and this article about it was excellent.

These 20 schools are responsible for a fifth of all graduate school debt: If you need me, I'll be crying into my pillow because NYU is currently my top choice for grad school.

Inspiration and Imperfection: Another one of my amazing Inspire Joy teammates--I feel like I talk about them all the time but I can't help it because they are incredible--has stepped up to share a vulnerable part of her story in a major way. I am so, so proud of you, Tveen, and you are inspiring me every day!

Happy weekend!