New Site, New Program, Same Me.

It only felt natural to have my first post here be about a new program I'm starting tomorrow. Now more than ever, as I tread over to the edges of my limits, to the boundaries I've mentally placed in my own way (why do we continually insist on doing this to ourselves??), it feels important to me to keep track of the journey. So I'm journaling these thoughts that I've got along the way. Here is day 0.

Tomorrow I start Body Beast. For real.

Oh my god, who am I?! 

I won't have enough time to cycle through the entire 3 month program, because I'm kicking off January with the Inspire Joy Masters group (we're all doing this new program together!), so after a two month break, I plan on coming back to Body Beast to finish a full round...which takes me through graduation.


Existential crisis aside--I've been trying out some of the workouts for the past few days and I'm already obsessed. They are a little bit longer than the ones on the 21 Day Fix (currently on sale!), but it feels like Sagi doesn't try and do as much as quickly as Autumn does. The program is all about building muscle and building up your body, rather than the cardio focus--so it's definitely nice to slow things back down. 

After four-ish months on the Fix, a month and a half on Fix Extreme, and a wholeee lot of learning about my body and flexible eating and comfortably working out, etc., etc., my body is loving this change of pace. I did two workouts and swore I could tell a difference. It's forcing me out of this comfort zone I'd settled into with Autumn and in all's terrifying.

I literally debated about buying this program for months. The price wasn't an issue, I didn't need much new equipment that I wouldn't be buying in the near future, but something was keeping me back at the same time that a little voice inside of me was literally shrieking at me to get it (my inner voices/gut/intuition is loud and insistent. Finally, on one of our weekly calls, my amazing coach simply told me "stop obsessing and buy the damn program". 

Yes ma'am.

And then it arrived and I could hardly contain my excitement. When I finally listened to that little all fell into place. I'm excited to push myself (carefully--no worries) and to have this to help keep me accountable during the holidays. I think people tend to feel out of control with all the busy-ness of the seasons and I have had quite enough of that feeling. :) Here's to staying focused and in control. I come, Sagi. I'm ready. Let's spend the next two months together.

Stay posted.

Life lately

PS - Welcome to my fancy-new, here-to-stay, business-card-worthy, grown-up website!