Pre-Thanksgiving Thankful

I meant to start writing this last week but then the Synapse article came out and I got entirely overwhelmed by so much love and support from so many amazing people that...a week later, here we are. 

It's been an amazing week and has come just in time. I'm not headed home for Thanksgiving since I have so much coming up next week. It'll be nice to have some quiet, focused time, but I also wish I could be home with my family! 

Last Saturday, Embody trekked over to Greensboro for their first NEDA (National Eating Disorders Association) Walk. I can't make the Raleigh Walk in April, so it was great to show our support. It was a great time and we even got to meet Kirsten Haglund/Miss America 2008, who competed on the platform of raising awareness about eating disorders after having struggled with one herself. She was great and recognized Embody from our shirts. Dead. on. the. ground.

And then on Monday, my best friend arrived from Michigan! She was a trooper and went to class with me and tolerated all my meetings. Monday afternoon, we spent several hours with one of the Inspire Joy coaches in the area--the beautiful, amazing, inspiring Hannah

(I missed out on the sunglasses and tall boots memo.)

Tuesday was a shorter day for me class-wise (all praise my 5pm class getting cancelled), so Brit and I wandered around campus a little bit and got the classic Old Well picture taken. 

That night, after a loooong trek back to my apartment--CH Transit was not ready for the Thanksgiving traffic, we made Friendsgiving! Butternut squash soup that I will honestly be eating for the next week, turkey chili, and dark chocolate sort-of Paleo cupcakes. YUMYUMYUM.

Today, after an early-ish morning workout, we're business building in my favorite coffee shop and just enjoying some quiet time together before I have to give her back up and let the paper writing begin. :( 

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends and if you're reading this, no matter what your nationality is, I'm thankful for you. :)