Week 1: Conquered

I can't believe the first week of Body Beast is over already! I've been collecting my thoughts along the way--but the ultimate takeaway? 

I'm just as obsessed as when I started.

Day 1: Chest and Tris

Y'ALL THIS IS NOT A JOKE OR A DRILL. W O W. Sagi brought it and it burned so good. I love the slowed down tempo of lifting because it really lets me focus on form and how my body is feeling and it really lets me dig deeper. (vs. rushing through cardio)

That said, my triceps were shaking by the end. Who knew that could happen?

Day 2: Legs

I did this one last week when I was just testing a few of them out and loved it then. I loved it a little less today, honestly. I sat out one of the giant sets because I was feeling pretty tired (or maybe not entirely awake yet, since it was 6:30am). Every time Sagi goes "do you want to get 'uuuuuuuge?!", I giggle. Every. Time.

Because no, not really, but you are hilarious and I adore you. I think Autumn does an amazing job on Lower Fix (leg day) and maybe that's why I don't love this one as much? But it was still good! 

Day 3: Back and Bis

This one burns so good. Whoa. I'm also already stronger than the last time I did this--or just didn't go as hard--because it felt easier than when I tested it last week! *shrugs*

It seemed like fairly basic moves--nothing that surprised me or that was way outside of what I expected. But I get the feeling that I'll be pretty much over this workout by the end of the program (even just doing it 1-2x a week). Still...one week at a time!

Day 4: Abs

This week, there was a choice of doing cardio or abs and while I'm super curious what cardio with Sagi looks like...I went for the abs. God bless 10-minute workouts on my busiest day of the week. Yup, this one burns too. And it feels awesome. Later in the program (each week is structured, so I can look ahead at what's coming!), I'll do cardio and abs on the same day. Bring it on.

Day 5: Shoulders

This is literally my new favorite workout. Ever. I've never really worked my shoulders specifically before. When I swam, I was nervous about getting really broad and so it just never came up on my radar. Man, have I been missing out. Basically, just give me alllll the fun workouts.

And that was the first week! Saturday is a rest day and Sunday will be a repeat of Chest and Tris to bring things full circle. It's so funny how one of my favorite things about the 21 Day Fix is the 30-minute commitment, but I am l o v i n g the slower pace of Body Beast. 

I'm already feeling more confident, stronger, leaner...just more me! (But that could also be because I'm listening to The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown and it is changing. my. life.)

Let's go, Week Two!