5 Steps to a Peppermint Mocha Shake

So my favorite trainer Autumn Calabrese posted this on Instagram this afternoon:


And because I 1) love everything on this list (especially the holiday spirit part) and 2) wanted to change up my Shakeology routine a little bit, I decided to give it a shot and document the entire thing! One of my favorite things about Shakeology is that it's just about the same price as a cup of Starbucks, so I was completely willing to try this. 

(For those who are wondering, my go-to is: 8oz of almond milk, as much baby spinach as I can stuff in my little blender, 1/2 banana, and about 3 teaspoons of cocoa powder with my Chocolate Shakeology.)

1. Dump coffee into blender cup. Just as much as you have. Who needs recipes?

2. Add enough almond milk that it looks pretty. Toss in some spinach until you start getting worried that it might form a paste instead of a shake.

3. Add in Shakeology powder. Mourn your daily banana and cocoa powder. Reassure yourself that you can always have a second shake. 

4. Pour in peppermint extract. It might be old. The label might be disintegrating. Panic because you didn't read the recipe at any point and this might be too much. How does one even measure mint extract? Drops?

5. Add ice and blend. Enjoy. Maybe do a dance in your kitchen because mint + coffee + chocolate.

Verdict: I loved it, but I think my usual is still #1. Also next time, I might add less mint. Or you know, maybe even measure it.

Does anyone have a recipe for a gingerbread latte knock-off Shake?! I could definitely get behind that...