Fall Has Fallen

Here we are. At the end of another semester.

Every semester at Carolina, I get a little bit more nostalgic. I've been counting down the semesters since the first one began and the thought of only one more seems unreal.

This semester flew by, honestly. So much happened in such a short period of time that I hardly know where to start. 

So I guess I'll start at the beginning.

It was a semester with a lot of ups and downs, but here are the highlights. (Most of these taken from my Snapchat: @briinboots)

We spent the end of the summer at Little Cumberland Island and it was the perfect way to say goodbye to these goofballs that I get to call my family.

Literally the day that we moved into our apartment, we got a cat. She's a lot bigger now, but still our baby.

Embody did some awesome stuff this semester and grew exponentially

I am so proud to be able to lead such amazing people and to watch them passionately make a change. We planned great projects, were featured on the front page of The Daily Tar Heel, had several promo events (Fall Fest, Campus Y Open House, Campus Y Halloween, etc.), smashed scales, attended the Greensboro National Eating Disorders Association Walk, and held more trainings than ever before

Embody is so much bigger than me and I am just so blessed to be a part of it. 

One of the most awesome people I know got elected as Mr. UNC! 

I flew to Detroit at the end of August to spend the weekend (and Monday morning after my flight home was cancelled) with my best friend.

And we went to a One Direction concert. Judge us. 

(I recapped Brittany's trip to see me here.)

Living off-campus makes it harder to see people and is probably one of the only drawbacks.

But it's ultimately been a good thing--I really worked to be intentional about spending time with some of my dearest friends. (My family has access to each other's Google calendars and one day, Mom goes "you have four coffee dates today. Did you know that?")

It was so, so worth it. 

I spent fall break at the beach--ironically just a few houses away from one of my best friends from school--and the sunrises were one of the top moments. 

I left and went directly to the Raleigh Super Saturday, which is a quarterly Beachbody event put on in large locations to meet coaches around the area. We do updates from Corporate, have inspirational speakers sharing their stories--someone local and then a keynote/top coach in the biz, and then a group workout.

Like any good Millennial, I snapchatted the whole thing.

One of my less hectic weekends, I snuck home and got to spend some time with my favorite girl.

With lots of cuddles from our dogs, of course. 

 (She loves me. I swear.)

(She loves me. I swear.)

Speaking of family, I also managed to send a picture of my dad's birthday present (that was already late) to our family group message instead just Mom + Maylen.

All in all, it was another amazing semester at Carolina and even through all the stress and struggles--there is no place I'd rather be.