Weekend Wrap Up: January 22-24, 2016

WWU 01-22.jpg

The winter weather has made it to Chapel Hill! Classes were canceled today and I've spent most of it in bed getting some big stuff (read: things I've been ignoring) checked off of my to-do list. One of my roommates and I did take a break to make some waffles this morning after I finished Hammer Power. Such an exciting way to start the day--and now we have enough for tomorrow!

First up, recipes I made this week:

  • Black bean and quinoa enchilada bake: my mouth is watering just thinking about this. YUM. This will absolutely be a staple from now on! I also tried it with homemade enchilada sauce--still pretty easy and totally worth it.
  • Pumpkin Chili: Overall, this is definitely a solid recipe! If/when I make it again, I'll probably add another can of beans and maybe another entire can of pumpkin. Maybe also some kale. ...I'll test some things out and get back to you.
  • Egg-less Cookie Dough: I did a lot of math last night and attempted a single-ish serving of this. I ended up throwing about half of it away because my stomach was not down for that much sugar but it's still really good and so easy!

Articles that caught my attention this week:

The 50 Most Beautiful Cities in the World: bye, I'm going traveling and you won't see me until the end of this year. Thanks, Condé Nast.

27 Soul-Busting Truths from My Craziest Year Yet: I know I've recommended some of her work on here before, but man I love me some Maxie. I get her emails and they're such a spark of joy!

It Happened to Me: My FitBit Reignited My Eating Disorder: THISTHISTHIS. I get that, for some people, numbers can be necessary for retaking control of their health--but for me, that spirals out of control so quickly that I barely even register it's happening. I know that if I ever were to get a Fitbit, this article is exactly what would happen. (It's one of the reasons I'm so grateful to Beachbody for completely shifting my relationship with food and exercise--and for doing it all without using numbers!)

ICYMI: my friend Laura and I are hosting a webinar on Monday, January 25 at 8pm EST about what it's like to be a college student and a Beachbody coach! We'd love to have you join us

Stay warm, friends!