Week 1 of Core de Force

Yesterday was day 1 of my second week of Core de Force -- Beachbody's newest program centered all around MMA fighting and dynamic moves.

The first week flew by and I'm already noticing amazing changes!

Core de Force is a 30-day, all bodyweight program based around Mixed Martial Arts moves including jujitsu and wu tang fighting. I personally don't know the difference, which is why it's great to be able to just follow the videos!

The workouts are set up in 3-minute rounds (like a boxing match, apparently) with a combo/move, a spike to get your heart rate up, and then a single repetition before a 30-second break between rounds.

There are usually between 6-12 rounds per workout and I'm always dripping sweat and modifying by the end.

The CDF eating plan (NOT "nutrition plan" because ya gotta eat to live and work and move, folks) is amazing and is wholly focused on giving your body the fuel it needs as you move through this program. It's not terribly different from what I've been following for the last year and a half but I love the adjustments they've added to the container plan specifically for Core de Force. 

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The biggest change I'm noticing is how empowered I feel.

It's incredible to know that I am learning skills that I can use to defend myself if needed. I can throw a punch while also building great core strength!

And yeah, I'm also building some killer abs. No complaints here! I'm also modifying a lot (like in the video below, ha!). My core is stronger and I'm sore everywhere! This is definitely pushing my limits, but is easily modified for any fitness level and challenges you in different ways as you grow.

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(My brother tried it with me one night and tapped out 20 minutes in!)

There's a huge focus on girl power in this too, which of course I'm obsessed with. One of the two lead trainers is a new mom and she is so real and inspiring. At Summit in Nashville, she was on stage with the other trainer talking about the program and said as they were filming, she would have had to decide between looking "good" for this program (or what people expect a personal trainer to look like) and breast-feeding her baby and recovering from childbirth. She didn't choose not taking care of her family.

Ugh, I love her.

Overall, I love it so far and this might be another soulmate program for me.

I can't wait to share this with the Inspire Joy test group we have starting next Monday (11/14) for anyone interested in trying this brand-new program! We have a few spots left if you want to jump in and give this a shot!

To claim your spot, ask questions, or simply find out more info, shoot me an email, friends! See y'all next week for the Week 2 Update!