H&C Update: Week 5

I realized I haven't talked about the new Beachbody program I've been doing (The Masters) since my Unboxing video!

It's Week 5 and long story short:

I'm obsessed.

There are days when I do my workout and feel like superwoman, ready to go save the world. There are days when I am literally in awe of what my body is able to do. There are days when I dance in between sets! There are days when I bump up my weights because I feel like I could lift the entire world.

There are days where I'm more tired at the end of sets--when I've woken up too early or gone to bed too late. There have been one or two days where I make it through half the workout and take a break or turn it off entirely. There are downs to the ups--like life.

But I have shown up every day because I want to be here, because it feels good. 

I have pushed myself within my comfort zone. And that comfort zone's been growing! I've been getting stronger and more confident in myself. I feel like I am growing--physically and mentally.

The physical differences have been the most obvious (and entertaining). The mental differences have been slower and not so clear. But I feel like my anxiety is lower than it's been in years, I'm able to clearly and consciously sort my priorities (it's not so easy as it sounds. Applying for jobs before writing the paper due in two weeks?!), and I just feel like I am exploding little sunbeams every single day. 

I swear, every Beachbody program I do, every month I spend plugged into our challenge groups focusing on positivity and an attitude of gratitude, I grow more and more.

The past 5 weeks have flown by and I'm ready for the next 3!

(Side note: having 12 different workouts is a GAME CHANGER. I'm not even a little bit tired of them!)

Month Two Goals: keep trying new recipes--even when all I want to make is black bean + kale bowls and enchilada bakes, stay consistent with my workouts (because it makes me feel sooooo good), and keep checking in with myself! 

Tell me in the comments:

  • What makes you feel on top of the world? Riding horses ;), connecting with my Inspire Joy team (sharing what's on my heart and listening to what's on theirs!), dinner out with friends, a good powerlifting workout...
  • Where have you shown up lately? My cooking/meal prep game, my Brené Brown class, my workouts, my team check-in pages...
  • Shirt on or off while exercising? I've been having this debate with friends lately. We're pretty split!