Future Friday: Getting Involved

With graduation just a few weeks away, I'm preparing to step down from my leadership positions in my on-campus organizations. It's a strange time as I delete myself from group messages and remove email accounts from my phone--making the official transition from "student" to "alumna".

But a concern I've heard from incoming students is: how do I get involved?

Joining clubs, making friends, finding your niche is the key to finding your place in college. Fortunately, I moved into a phenomenal suite of girls and some of them are still my best friends, so there's no doubt that you still need to expand your network when possible!

My tips for getting involved on campus:

  • Look at a list of student organizations--even if the club isn't still active (those lists are famous for being outdated) you may be able to find someone to get in contact with or a related organization
  • If your school does some sort of organization fair, go--look around, maybe you'll end up chatting with someone new!
  • Keep up with social media: there are so many cool events that I never hear about simply because my campus is so big, but someone will invite me to one on Facebook and I am there.
  •  Get out of your comfort zone. Go to events by yourself (I'm still working on this one!), try random clubs--one of my most valuable experiences here came from an elective class I took freshman year, and especially if you're an introvert like me, try to push yourself out there...be open to attending events with people you don't especially know, say hi to the person sitting next to you in class (how I became friends with Liv!). 

Don't worry if it takes a while to make friends or if you feel uncomfortable at first--that is totally normal. Keep following your interests and you'll end up finding something amazing!