Tips for Meal Planning

My friend Laura and I were chatting the other day about how important meal planning and prep is to us now that we've realized how much time and money it saves us! At the same time, I hear "I don't know how"/"it's too much work"/"I could never do that!" from people all the I figured I'd pop over and share my biggest tips on making this work! It definitely takes some practice and a fair amount of work one afternoon a week, but let me tell you: w o r t h  it.

(For seeing my initial steps on getting started meal prepping, check out this post!)

 I affectionately call my backpack a "food transport container". Gotta stock up for long days on campus!

I affectionately call my backpack a "food transport container". Gotta stock up for long days on campus!

  • Know what nutrient breakdown works for you! 

This might take a little bit of experimentation, but if you start to think about how many servings of vegetables/fruits/carbs/healthy fats/etc. you need in a day, it starts to be much easier to plan how to incorporate them! (The 21 Day Fix is my favorite recommendation for getting started with this!)

  • Pick a day and just get the food prepped.

Just get it done--that's all I can say. I plan my food for the week and make my grocery list on Friday or Saturday and then shop and prep on Sunday afternoon. Some weeks take more prep than others--on especially busy weeks, I like to plan to do easy meals like roasted veggies with some kind of protein and salads.

  • Make it a non-negotiable.

I block this out, write it in my calendar, expect it every week. My roommates know it and my friends know it. Sometimes the exact day changes, but every week, I make enough food to at least get through several meals until my next cooking opportunity.

Coming home to food made and ready to go is honestly the best feeling--I honestly don't even think about it anymore. So worth sacrificing a few hours on the weekend! (And watching Netflix while you chop makes it even better!)

Questions, suggestions--any newbie meal preppers here? Leave your comments below! xoxo.