Future Friday: Favorite Classes

It's official: I have less than one month left in my undergrad career! So to commemorate, I'm doing a small series reflecting on the past four most amazing years of my life.

Future Friday: Part One

I was chatting with a girl in my class tonight about some of the best classes I've taken here at Carolina, so without further ado--my top five:

  1. Sports Entrepreneurship: this was a first year seminar I took in the spring of my freshman year and I can't imagine my college career without it. I made some of the most amazing connections, learned so much, and am still in touch with many of them today!
    • Moral of the story: if your school offers small classes where the faculty get to choose what they teach--take them.
  2. Memoir Writing: this is hands-down of the best classes I took--a combination of amazing classmates and a phenomenal teacher made for an unforgettable class. I met with the professor a few semesters after the class and she agreed it was one of the best classes she'd ever taught.
  3. AIDS Principles and Policies: this was a one-credit, once a week, seminar and each week featured a different speaker with their own perspective on the HIV/AIDS epidemic. So fascinating and I learned so much! (If you're looking for more info on the AIDS epidemic...I have many documentary recommendations. :))
  4. International Relations and World Politics: this was a required class for my major and I was dreading it. It ended up being amazing (so much so that I even had a friend download all the articles we read when she took the class #nerd) and I wish I could take it again.
  5. Race, Innocence, and the Death Penalty: I'm actually in this class now and there have been several classes where I've had to just sit in shock when class ended. So, so eye-opening and heart-breaking. Everyone in my discussion section was there because a friend had recommended it to them and I'm so glad my friends did the same for me because it's been so worth it.

I've taken some amazing classes here at UNC and had some of the very best opportunities as a result of those classes. I've learned so much, not only as a result of what's been taught, but also because of how I've grown. Every one of these classes has challenged me to think about a subject from a perspective I'd never considered or pushed me out of my comfort zone in some way--and that experience is invaluable.

Now I'm off to finish up this last-ever term paper I've been delaying...

If there's anything you want to hear about my college experience for the next "future Friday"--let me know!

Happy weekend! xoxo