Future Friday: Studying for Finals

Yeah, I know it's not Friday. But for the purposes of this post, we're pretending it is. (As of writing, it's Monday, which is only two days removed from Friday, so it counts.)

But one of the biggest adjustments I had to go through from high school to college was studying for finals. I can't lie, high school was easy for me and I made the mistake of not studying for AP Exams (don't do what I did, kids; your parents pay for that ish). So I thought I'd round up some of the things I keep in mind during this point in the semester.

  1. Keep a regular sleep schedule: I know it can be tempting to cram all night before an exam, but I find that getting out of my sleep routine makes it harder for me to focus, leads to more morning spent wasting time in bed, and crankier 8am exams.
  2. Stay fueled: along with that--repeat after me: coffee is not a food group. It's just not. Your body needs nutrients to run and process and absorb all that information. Nourish it please. (I gotta say--Shakeology is my favorite way to do that! It's quick, easy, and isn't obnoxiously loud like carrots. And yep, speaking from personal experience on that one.)
  3. Move your body: stand up and shake it out, pace around the library for 3-5 minutes, turn that kitchen counter into a standing desk, ditch your stuff with a friend and run a mile at the gym. Move the blood from your butt back into your brain!
  4. Buckle down: it's crunch time, y'all and this material isn't going to study itself. Set a timer if that helps you, study with a friend, study alone, turn off your wifi connection (or use Blacklist/SelfControl!). 
  5. Put it in perspective: your GPA does not determine your worth. One test does not define who you are. Remember you're almost at the end!

FWIW: some of my favorite memories from college were made during finals--enjoy the free time with your friends.