Embody Carolina

The Best of Monday's NEDAW Posts


Today starts National Eating Disorders Awareness Week and, maybe with the exception of that span from Christmas to New Years where everything is fairy lights and glitter, this is my favorite week of the entire year. Eating disorders are such a private, secret, painful struggle that isolate people to the point of imprisonment. And that’s probably an understatement. This week goes against all of that. This week is the very antithesis of an eating disorder. This week is about promoting people’s awareness of what eating disorders are and what they look like, about sharing stories, promoting recovery and getting rid of the idea that having an eating disorder is something to be ashamed of and something to be hidden.


This week is about getting help. This week is about changing people’s lives.

And it’s my favorite week of the entire year.

It’s only Monday, but there have already been some incredible and beautiful blog posts shared about what it’s like to have an ED, what it’s like to be a friend or an ally and I highly recommend checking all of them out!


"On Loving Someone with an Eating Disorder"

"The love of my life struggles with an eating disorder. And I would not trade her for the world."

Note: Embody Carolina will be updating their blog each day with new, inspiring, incredible posts. Be sure to check back!

"You Are So Much More Than the Number on Your Scale"

"What we view as a clear eating-disorder problem in young girls, we end up celebrating as an accomplishment when she grows up…There’s nothing admirable about having a hostile relationship with food, no matter what the world is telling you."

"The Importance of an Early Intervention" - This is more factual and contains just some generally good information about EDs if you don’t know a lot.

"10 Eating Disorder Books That Hit the Mark During NEDA Week" - I haven’t read any of these, but after this article, I added ALL of these books to my list.

Did I miss any good ones? Let me know!