Why Shakeo?

Apparently I like to ask questions in all my blog titles. Oh well.

The other day I had someone ask me why I drink Shakeology and it made me stop and think. Because it came in my challenge pack? Because Anna said it was amazing? Because now I’ve become officially hooked?

All of the above and sooo much more, friends!


It’s no secret that I’m in love (make that: IN. LOVE.), but I want to tell you why!

  • My skin is clearer! I was on meds that weren’t really working (um, at all), so I stopped taking them—three weeks on Shakeology and my problem was gone and has stayed gone!
  • It gets me through 3+ hours of classes. I get HANGRY if I don’t get to eat fairly regularly and I sip on Shakeo throughout the first few hours and don’t even get a lil bit grumpy.
  • Speaking of…my mood is much more stable. I’m not sure if it’s the mental changes from the Fix or a combination of both, but since I started drinking Shakeo, I haven’t had a single bad day. Seriously.
  • I sleep better/feel more rested. Seven hours of sleep is enough for me now!
  • It’s SO. FREAKING. NUTRITIOUS. (I can send you nutritional information, if you’re interested.) And it tastes like dessert. I love, I love, I love.

I’m sure there is so much else—or stuff that I’m not even aware of yet. My mom texted me the other day and said it’s even helped get rid of her migraines! AMAZING.


If you’ve got Shakeology and need some inspiration, check out some of Brittany’s recipes! If you want to try it, you know where to find me (here, Facebook, or on email: or you can go ahead and order here.

Happy 6th birthday, Shakeo! <3