What is Inspire Joy?

We are a values-driven team of Beachbody coaches, leading with our hearts and dedicated to helping others reach their goals and live
healthy, fulfilling lives.

Free Groups:

These groups are for anyone who is curious about making a change to their lifestyle! Every other month I offer a free 5-7 day group as an intro into healthy living. We share fun meal recipes, chat about self care, and you get a limited preview of what my longer coaching groups look like! 

21 Day Challenge Groups:

How many of you have goals you want to achieve?

Probably most of you.

How many of you have the support and the community ready to help you hit those goals?

That's the basis of these longer groups--creating community, accountability, and support for you as you work to hit your goals.

In these groups, you follow a set workout plan (varies by individual ability and comfort), drink a superfood shake (you can read about why I drink it here), and have access to my personal coaching both in the group and one-on-one. We do daily motivation and check-ins to reflect on wins for the days in our private Facebook group.

Packages start at $140, which is simply the cost of the program. My coaching comes free! After your first group, you will have lifetime access to my one-on-one coaching and any other free or challenge groups I lead!

If you want to order a program, just follow the link and go to "shop Team Beachbody" to the left or ask me for a direct link to the program you want to try! (Note: if you order a program "challenge pack", it comes with Shakeology! No separate order is necessary.)

IF YOU'RE NOT SURE, or want to discuss if this would be a good fit for you, feel free to email me for more information.

Inspire Joy:

If you choose to sign up as a personally sponsored coach under me, you get to build a business based on your values and according to what you most desire! I become your personal mentor and help you to achieve the goals you set for yourself. You get my experience and the support of the entire Inspire Joy community--a group of over 100 women all on their own paths to becoming who they truly are. 

We are a strong, tightly-knit community with our own dreams, passions, and visions of our lives, but we chase them together. We have weekly online hangouts, weekly business building webinars, virtual goal-setting/visioning calls...as well as fun coffee dates whenever possible. 

If you're interested in joining our team, email me or fill out this form!